Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Problem with Bay Area Thrift Stores

Of all people living here in the Bay Area, I will be the first to tell you what a wonderful place this is and how proud I am to be from this part of California. People are extremely kind, the public services are highly organized, and you are never too far away from something interesting to do or see.
However, if you live anywhere near, around, or in the San Jose to San Francisco area, you'll quickly realize that the majority of retailers and services cater to the extremely wealthy. This is no exception with thrift shops. You're probably wondering, "Well how so?" Basically, ever since it's been cool to look like a poor and outdated hipster or college student, rich people- mainly those under 25- have been scrabbling to their local thrift shops in order to get that granny sweater that looks it was pulled out of a cat lady's closet. What have been the results of this trend? Extremely high prices for used goods. Badass? I think not.
Dear Rich Folks,
You can already afford the nice/cool/ new clothes as it is, and you couldn't leave rest of us brokies the thrift shops?
Better yet, if an item even looks remotely new or of a decent quality, what should be a $5 denim jacket may be priced at $14-17 due to the fact that it was donated by a store that had gone out of business.
While I might be a cheapskate and student on top of that, thrift store prices are high to point where it is pointless to shop at a thrift store here. For example, upon window shopping earlier today, I came across two knee length dresses I really liked. One of them was priced $7.99 and the other $9.99. I acknowledge these are extremely lows prices for dresses, however when you can go to a popular chain retail store and purchase new, but discounted dresses at the same price, it makes you think twice about where you want to spend your money. About 12 years ago or so, I remember being able to buy a shirt or a dress for no more than $2-3.Granted there has been inflation,I believe the inflation rate of thrift store goods has been far,far higher.Since this happened, I completely stopped making up-cycled clothing (but basically never started). It is far cheaper to simply buy anything off a clearance rack if I ever need it.

On a happier note, I managed to dig up a very cute vintage Sanrio hand mirror for a $1.Cute, huh?

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